Processing Haiti

City CenterThe Presidential Palace
City Center The Presidential Palace


Eight years ago today, February 25, I landed in Haiti, after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit the nation on January 12, 2010.
I was on a two week mission with a team of photographers to help launch a project that would assist in the rehabilitation of the country through community development and reconstruction projects.  The two weeks pasted and my team flew back to the U.S., but I couldn’t bring myself to leave, so I extended my time for another 4 weeks.

I have come to realize this trip impacted me to the core, and I haven’t fully processed it all.

There’s a story I want to tell that showed me that my plans will never compare to what God wants to give me, but I need more time.
I’m going ahead and posting this today because of the significant date and to take the opportunity to say don’t give up. When life is not going exactly the way you thought it would, keep going. There’s a bigger story right around the corner!

Worship at the clinic, former CIMO station across from the Palace. Our Haitian team leads in prayer, singing and dancing. My friends from the neighborhood…..Georgia Tech!

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